Domain Leasing

Domain leasing is an alternative proven financing method for acquiring a premium domain name. Leasing gives benefits to both parties looking to close the gap to realize a transaction while maintaining the benefits of each party’s interests. In short leasing works for a domain owner, and leasing works for the party that wants to either own or use the domain for the short or long term.

Corporations looking to secure a particular domain property for branding, new products or services in shorter times with terns that offer options to terms, future buy-outs, renewals, fixed annual costs and best; quicker financial approval from management.

The terms of the agreement should make sense across every department in your organization. Domains have traded in the 6,7 and 8 figure numbers over the last 6 years and many organizations are struggling to find alternatives. Leasing, like all equipment or commercial real-estate is the proven method to getting the domain your company needs quickly and quietly.

We will consider yearly fixed financial terms over 2, 3, 5 and 10 year terms just like commercial real-estate. Corporations can effectively write off payments to marketing or other line items for IT or branding. A direct purchase may not meet those needs and sometimes a domain may require a board or CEO approval.