Why Own Taipan.com?

Reasons to own this Domain.

1. Branding. Over 400 registered domain names contain the word Tai Pan, but you will have the top one.

2. Top level domain name .com

3. No special characters or hyphens

4. Internationally recognized

5. Just as in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

What supports this valuation?

1. Taipan.com is inherently searchable. It is a commonly typed search phrase that  exactly matches the domain name.

2. Mass market & Global appeal.

3. Long history of the domain name in terms of revenues and how long it has been registered. It is an old domain, but has a clean history. Only 2 owners and never actively used.

4. Taipan is a common word and is easily pronounced.

5. Taipan can be exploited to create brand recognition.

6. Taipan is easily memorable.

7. The domain name is short.

8. Never associated with any Affiliate programs or businesses.

9. Receives a ton of traffic

10. Location, Location, Location